Glass Resonator ( Model 7075 is the Glass Equalizer)
Model 7074 / 7075
Model 7138
Complete Glass Resonator System

Features / Specifications

• Frequency Response: 60-15,000 Hz Nominal w/o EQ- depends on substrate

• Max Program Power: 100 Watts, with 100 Hz 12 dB / oct high-pass

• Max Continuous Power: 25 Watts

• Diameter - mounting foot: 2.13” / 54mm

• Height - housing body: 2.05” / 51 mm

• Weight: 1.2 lb / 0.54 kg

Included Items

• Glass Equalizer


Our Glass Resonator turns an entire glass wall or virtually any other surface into a high-quality sound source. The device transmits acoustical energy by converting audio signals into sound vibrations and does not overheat or require any maintenance or lubrication. The Resonator is incredibly power efficient, and will operate with just 5-20 watts. It can also handle larger sound applications or systems up to 100 watts! A 5 year warranty is provided as a testimony of our confidence in the ingenuity and durability of the Glass Resonator. Whether powered through an existing audio source or with an amplifier, the Glass Resonator never fails to deliver a stunning performance.

What's the secret?

PowerView utilizes patent-pending technology along with high-powered neodymium magnets and dual symmetrically opposed motors to convert audio signals into extraordinary sound vibrations. Those vibrations are then transferred into solid surfaces through direct contact (held together by a special space age adhesive). A remarkably clear full-range sound experience is then radiated from the entire surface into the ears of customers passing by.


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