Digital Listening Station
Model 7150 $ 495.00

Features / Specifications

• Hardware: Black color metal casing: 220 x 405 x 55mm

• Support CF card

• Support MP3 file format

• 24 Membrane Buttons

• Up and down control volume buttons on player

• Internal 3.5m headphone jack input

• Internal (master) volume control knob

• VESA 100mm

• Internal battery

• DC cable from botttom of player

• Support battery and adaptor cable

• Headphone Plastic Secure Holder

Included Items

• Power Cord

• Key Locks

• Headphone Hook

Optional Items


Folding Counter Stand
Model # 7148-1 $49.00
Fixed Counter Stand
Model # 7149-1 $75.00
Flash Cards

Model # 7039 512 MB $24.00
Model # 7040 1 GB $29.00

Headphones w/ Volume Control
Model # 7030 $64.95

20" Sound Dome
Model # 7052 $495.00

30" Sound Dome
Model # 7053 $595.00

Mini Stereo Amp
Model # 7078 $169.00

Headphones with no Volume Control
Model # 7032 $59.95

Introducing the new and improved Digital Listening Station!

Our solid state digital MP3 player, is now bigger & better than ever. Capable of playing up to 24 full albums, (a total of 1GB worth of MP3 audio content). To program use a 1GB or smaller compact flash card with our programming software and a Windows based (95-XP) PC. Then output the content to a compact flash card using a flash card reader and our software. Once the content is programmed to the flash card you will design and print your graphic interface using our 24 button design template. To design the interface, use a program such as Illustrator or Photoshop. If desired, both graphic layout and programming are available for customers that choose not to program the device for themselves.
The unit includes built-in stereo speakers and an internal headphone jack. The device can be AC powered with the power supply (included) or set up to be battery powered with 8 Alkaline D-cell batteries. This is a durable, compact audio preview device is built to last in today’s harsh retail environments.

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